The Storm Insurance Group is made up of several insurance brokerages across Canada.  It’s business are licensed insurance brokerages in their respective jurisdictions including NL, NB, PE, NS, QC, ON, MB, SK, AB, BC, NU, NWT and Yukon.

The Storm Insurance Group is a trademark of Storm Insurance Holdings Inc. and Storm 2 Insurance Holdings Inc.  Through common ownership the Storm Insurance Group is made up of several insurance operations in Canada.  Storm Insurance Holdings Inc., is owned by Jamie Reid, the employee group and Trimont, a division of Wawanesa Insurance Company (The Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company).  Storm Insurance Holdings Inc. exclusively owns and operates A.P. Reid Insurance Limited, ZipSure Digital Insurance Brokers Limited, MyGroup Insurance Broker Limited, Underwriting Contract Administrators (2014) Inc., and Sheppard Insurance Service Inc.  Storm 2 Insurance Holdings Inc. is owned by Jamie Reid and the employee group.  Storm 2 Insurance Holdings Inc. owns and operates Axxium Assurance Inc.  Additional related companies owned directly by Jamie Reid include ZipSure Insurance Brokers Inc. and ZipSure Technologies Inc.  Former licensed brokerages which have been acquired and/or wound up by the Storm Insurance Group and may or may not continue to maintain licenses or registrations in their respective provinces include Wardell Insurance Limited, Robinson Insurance Brokers Ltd., Robert C. Davis Insurance Limited, A.P. Reid Insurance (Ontario) Limited.